Thursday, October 4, 2018

Start on Steiner: Harvest 2018 Has Arrived!

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Harvest 2018 is in full swing!
This is the most spectacular time year to visit our wineries. The smell of fermenting grapes permeates every nook and cranny of the valley. The rolling hills once filled with green luscious vines have begun to turn hues of gold and deep mahogany. The crisp autumn air has settled in the Shenandoah Valley bringing with it much relief from the hot summer temperatures. Your eyes and senses take in the burst of colors and you are reminded that autumn is Mother Nature’s loveliest smile. There is something so magical, inviting and relaxing about this time of year.
We invite you to sip and savor the “fruits of our labor” while marveling at nature’s vibrant palate. Our wine tastings are a great opportunity to get away, taste some fantastic new wines, and rediscover what it is you love about the Steiner Road wineries. Cheers to Harvest 2018!

Steiner Road Wineries

How to Pair: Focus on structure, weight, and flavor profile. You want both the food and wine to stand up nicely and not overpower one another.
There are a number of ways to pair wine with food...
At each winery, we pay close attention to the sauces, spices, and smaller items that are part of the entire plate. The end goal is to make everything sing and dance together in harmony. Below are a few tips on where to begin your epicurean journey.

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