Monday, October 1, 2018

Avio Vineyards: It's Harvest 2018, Avio Style!

Did you ever want to pick grapes?
It's Harvest 2018, Avio Style!
Its nearing the end of the 2018 harvest at Avio Vineyards, which means a few things: A Chance to pick & play in the Vineyard, The Amador Vinters harvest wine festival, The Big Crush, and the Bacchanalia wine club appreciation party!
Help us Pick some Zinfandel
We have a bit of Zinfandel left to pick and we would like to share the experience with you! Afterwards, we will provide our typical winery lunch of rotisserie chicken tacos for all to enjoy. Please bring clippers if you have them. This Sunday the 30th. 9am. 2 hours of picking. Reservation required.

The Big Crush
The annual harvest festival is back!
The "BIG CRUSH" is October 6 & 7, & we are having a "Punch-Down" Party; also we will be giving winemaking demos and tasting wine in the early stages of fermentation - right out of the punching bins. Live music and Nonna's Oxtail Bolognese with Pasta. 50% discount on select wines.
Bacchanalia Wine Club Party 2018
SAVE THE DATE ~ October 20, 2018
Our annual Bacchanalia wine club appreciation party is coming up soon and we can't wait to share our privately cellared vintages with you! 

Chef Christophe will be preparing delicacies to pair with some of your favorite varietals. Details to follow.
Lastly: WE NEED EGG CARTONS! Bring in at least a dozen egg cartons & we will give you a dozen eggs for FREE!


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