Monday, April 17, 2017

UC Foothill Grape Day: To Highlight Local Research and Improve Your Vineyard “Culture.” - Thurs May 18

Foothill Grape Day, sponsored and organized by the University of California Cooperative Extension Central Sierra Farm Advisor, Lynn Wunderlich, will be held Thursday, May 18 at the Amador County Fairgrounds. This year’s annual grower meeting will focus on current UC research, including what to watch for when planting a new vineyard, the latest on two new grape pests: the three-cornered alfalfa treehopper and the Virginia creeper leafhopper, and the effect of high temperatures on fruit composition and tannin development in vineyards.

Larry Bettiga, Viticulture Farm Advisor in UCCE Monterey County, has conducted studies comparing the extra tall rootstock “ubervine” to typically grafted vines.  He will present these results and more on what pitfalls to avoid when planting a new vineyard or replanting a vineyard.

Cindy Preto, PhD candidate for the UC Davis Entomology Department will discuss her studies of the three-cornered alfalfa treehopper, which has been shown to be a vector of grapevine red blotch virus in laboratory studies. “Red blotch” is a major concern for many growers, and Cindy is one of the few who have studied the three-cornered alfalfa treehopper in the field. 

Houston Wilson, Post-doctoral student with the UC Berkeley Entomology Department will give a presentation on an area-wide IPM Program developed to manager another relatively new grape pest, the Virginia creeper leafhopper.

To round out the morning, Dr. Kaan Kurtural, Cooperative Extension Viticulture Specialist, will discuss the effects of high temperatures on fruit composition; and James Campbell, PhD candidate in the UC Davis Viticulture and Enology Department, will talk about his research on tannin development in vineyards.

To register for Foothill Grape Day, contact Robin Cleveland at (530) 621-5528 or go to

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